Elders of ECOG

  • Mike Barrett
  • Norman Baldwin
  • Randall Fowler
  • Tommy McClellan
  • Noel Nester
These men are anointed from God to serve and have spiritual oversight for our congregation. Each man has part of our congregation assigned to oversee. They also are appointed as spiritual liaisons to all of our invested ministries here at ECOG.


Deacons of ECOG

  • Mike Chanley
  • Ernest Gilbert
  • Dexter LeCroy*
  • George Watson
  • Lloyd Stephens
  • David Young

*Deacon Chairman

These men are appointed by the church to have oversight of our church business. They oversee the budget of ECOG and work with the Church Treasurer. These men also serve as liaisons to each church ministry and the church administration to ensure each ministry has what they need to fulfill their objectives.