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CONSISTENT by Mary Parks


I went to a small group today and one question really stuck with me:


Why is it so important that we are consistent with God?


The definition of consistent means acting or done in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or accurate. And just for your amusement some synonyms are steady, stable, and unchanging.


That word has been haunting me for the past couple of months. Consistent. In our ever changing world we serve a consistent God. One thing will always remain the same and that is that God loved us so much that He sent His only son to die on the cross for our sins. I believe that one of God’s characteristics is consistency. He is always going to be there and He is always going to know what you need before you even say a word. But, Jesus takes it to the next level. He is consistently seeking to surprise us. He is planting new dreams and making impossible situations possible. That is just another layer in this awesome God we serve.


To do a 180o, but I believe there are three reasons that we should strive daily to be consistent with God daily.


  1. Consistency = Success
    Have you ever wanted something so badly in your life? Like you were going to get it or you were going to die? Take a step back. How did you get there? You made a game plan and you stuck with it. If you want to lose weight, that doesn’t happen with skipping your diet here and there. For me this was getting into the nursing program at Clemson. Oh the days that I did not want to study, but if I would have skipped a session, I might not have made the grades it took to get there. Consistency means to be constantly showing up and showing out. Hard work will pay off.


  1. The essence of Christianity is to be “like Christ”, and Christ is consistent.

    Was there ever a time in the Bible that God did not show up? God always likes to come to the party with some flare. He called Abraham to not kill Isaac right before it was supposed to happen. Jesus appeared in the midst of the storm when the disciples were freaking out and calmed it. He sent fire from above to consume an altar. He is always with His people. His love is never failing. His grace is never ending. And His mercy is relentless. He is a God that shows up. In turn, we need to show up for our family, friends, and neighbors.


  1. When we are consistent, that is when God is going to use us.

    God has a plan for your life. And He wants to do something that has never been seen before. I know, how many times have we heard that? It almost sounds like a broken record, and the more we hear it, the less impact it has on our life. I hope to spark a new meaning to that phrase. The thing is that we live in a fast food world and want things instantaneously. If it doesn’t happen just then, it isn’t going to happen. But we have to prove to God that we are willing to stick out the plan for the long run. We have to be unwavering in our faith. He DOES have a plan that is PERFECT and PLEASING to Him. The road is not always going to be a clear and strait path and God has to be 110% sure you are going to make it to the end before He begins your blessing.


I am continuously learning different facets about God that I never even knew was possible. He made a promise to me this year that He was going to get me to fall in love with Him. That he was going to pursue me. It is a two-way street though. I have to set time aside every day to be with Him. I have to focus my mind on things above to catch God working in my life. I have to be consistent to really tune into discovering the God I serve. It is a beautiful and wonderful relationship that takes hard work and commitment like every other relationship you are currently in.


Nothing in this world is guaranteed, but I can promise you this, God is never changing and He will ALWAYS be there for you. I challenge you to not only to be a consistent to God, but to your friends, family members, as a student and employee.  See how that changes and molds your relationships. And let me know how it turns out for you. 🙂

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