What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Clemson? For most people it is not the academics, its FOOTBALL. And I really never got into football until I became a student. I never understood the love until I was able to stand in the middle of the student section and sing our alma mater. I kid you not, I got cold chills the first time I sang it with everyone. Once I drank that Kool Aid down in Death Valley, I am forever hooked on the sport. PS Clemson is still the reigning National Champions…. Anyways you may be wondering, why is this girl talking about football?


I am writing today to tell you to stop playing defense.


Defense means the action of defending from or resisting attack. When playing football, this is when the team is trying their absolute hardest to not let the other team score. And so many times this is how Christians, myself included, live their life. We are always trying to defend what we believe. We are always contentious to not step on people’s toes when talking about Christ. We want to live our life’s quietly and hope that someday somehow people will magically just see the light that has been in us.


I grew up believing if I could learn how not to sin, then that is when I will be a “good” Christian. I could not hang out with people that were different than me. Heaven forbid I went to a party. Did those people not know what they are doing? But looking back, all I was not accomplishing anything and I was full on judging other people. I felt that I was truly living a life Christ would live by not sinning.


When we are truly living for Christ we attempt to live righteously. To live righteously is NOT living in absences of sin. Righteousness calls us to go out into the world, and do the right thing. It is becoming friends with people that you would not normally be friends with. It is going out of your way for strangers. It is being a prayer warrior. It is digging into your Word daily. It is a real life WWJD. Start looking for opportunities every single day that the Holy Spirit lays out for you. Pray for the eyes to see them.


As Christians, we are not called to play defense. Defense is draining. Every single game, I watch those guys get trucked by one another, and wonder what it does to the human body. It is physically draining to be on defense 24/7. Once, we have given our life to the Lord, the battle isn’t ours anymore. That is when He will fight our daily battles. We have to learn to TRUST in Jesus and let go of trying to fight every single day against temptations. Jesus has already given you victory over all circumstances, so start living in that freedom. We need to go boldly and do the tasks that Jesus has called us to do.


If the battle is already won against the Satan, why are we still using our energy to defend ourselves against his attacks? Every time Clemson scores at a home game, we have the cannon that goes off. The crowd gets so excited when we get a touchdown. Every single day we have an opportunity to score a touchdown…. Are you going to intercept the ball or just keep trying to play defense?


***Insert Tiger Band line here*** GO!


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