What Every Newcomer Wants to Know

Visiting a church for the first time can be a bit daunting, simply because you do not know what to expect. We want your visit to Easley Church of God to be as pleasant an experience as possible. With that in mind, we have assembled this information for your visit.


What should I wear? 

Come as you are. You will see a mixture of people that dress up and people who wear casual clothing (including some staff members). As believers we believe in dressing modestly. However, we know God is much more concerned with a person’s heart than their choice of clothes.

What kind of people will be there? 

Actually, we have a real cross-section of people from surrounding communities. Many were not raised in a Church of God church. We welcome people from any background. We want our church to look like what Heaven will look like – a mixture of people that love God.

How do I park when I get there? 

The main parking lot is on the West side of the church (the side with the drive-thru). There are visitor parking spaces located in the front row beside the church.


When are the services?

Morning Worship is at 10:00 a.m. CLICK HERE for the current weeks activities.


Where do I go when I get there? 

The front main entrance is the best place to enter for first time visitors. However, there are side entrances on the main parking lot side.


What about my kids? 

We believe your kids will love it here! Ask our greeters just inside the main entrance and you will be directed to the activities for your children.


What about my small children? 

We have a well-equipped nursery, staffed by caring people to care for your children while you worship. When you take your child to the nursery, you will be given a pager so that if there is a problem with your child, we will page you.