September 2023

Jesus, He is Our Shepherd

Our special guest speaker, Pastor Andrew Flowers, teaches on how Jesus is our good shepherd.

February 2020

Rev. Andrew Flowers: “Uphill Habits”

Or guest speaker was Rev. Andrew Flowers

December 2018

Trust Me

Pastor Andrew teaches us that God is calling us to trust Him so that we can walk through our storms.

September 2018


Pastor Andrew teaches out of the book of Galatians and how we are to crucify our flesh so the Holy Spirit can live through us.

June 2018


In the message Pastor Andrew teaches us the keys to staying committed in our walk with God.

February 2018


In this message entitled “GO” Pastor Andrew teaches that the Great Commission the Jesus gave to His disciples is the same commission that God gives to us.

September 2017

The Race to Heaven Part 1

Pastor Knight uses Hebrews 12:1 to talk about the race we are in to eternity. The main statement: Where you come from, where you have been, does not have to determine where your re going.

Welcome Home Part 2

Pastor Andrew preaches about the prodigal son who hit bottom and returned to his senses. There are times when we feel the full impact of our decisions, then it’s time to turn to God.

August 2017

Welcome Home – A Place at the Table

Pastor Andrew preaches from Luke14:16-23 that walks through how God wants to give you a new start, God wants you to discover your purpose, and God wants to give you a home in Heaven.