June 2020

Character Part 3

In our roundtable sermon we continues with the series “Character” and we look and the life of Josiah and how he made steps toward doing the right things that pleased God.

December 2019

Restore The Roar (Family Table Service)

In our Family table Service we talk about letting God restore to you everything that the enemy has stolen from you, and knowing who you are in Christ.

March 2019

SELF Part 8

In part 8 of our series “SELF” we talk about how we hand the power, authority, and influence that God places in our lives.

September 2018

One Another (Pastor Appreciation Day)

In this message we learn how people are going to know that we are really Christ’s disciples and that we follow Him.

August 2018

Back To School

In our back to school service we discussed how to create a spiritual environment in your home to help your children grow.

April 2017

Sermon-Under God-2

Description: The sermon from our Family Table Service where the staff pastors preach a round table sermon for all ages about staying under the protection of God’s authority. The sermon is centered around Psalm 91.