July 2020

Guest Speaker Dr. Roger Childers

Our guest speaker this morning was Dr. Roger Childers.

April 2020

Declaring Victory

In this message Pastor Steve teaches us about letting go of the tension of the world and having victory in our lives.

Easter Sunday

In our Easter service Pastor Steve teaches us about the power of the resurrection in our lives.

Palm Sunday

In our Palm Sunday service Pastor Steve teaches us some truths found in the story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.

February 2020

Rev. Andrew Flowers: “Uphill Habits”

Or guest speaker was Rev. Andrew Flowers

January 2020

Special speaker Dr. Roger Childers

The first Sunday of the new year and our speaker Dr. Roger Childers speaks on what we need in our lives going forward in this new year.              

December 2019

Restore The Roar (Family Table Service)

In our Family table Service we talk about letting God restore to you everything that the enemy has stolen from you, and knowing who you are in Christ.

The Promise of Christ

In this message Pastor Steve teaches us about the promises that Jesus made to us.

Connecting With The Spirit Of Christmas

In This message Pastor Steve teaches us how to connect with the Spirit of Christmas.

September 2019

Pastor Appreciation Day

Today we set time aside to honor our Pastor and First Lady and Rev. Roger Childers was our guest speaker.

But If Not

Rev. Ethan Capell preaches about having an “If not faith” that says I know God is able but Even if he don’t I will still trust Him.

August 2019

The Mission Of Jesus (Missions Sunday)

In our missions service Pastor Steve teaches us about the mission of Christ, and how to follow Him in His mission.

Jesus Goes Back To School (Back To School Service)

In our back to school service Pastor Steve Teaches us about making God our preparation so that we will be ready for our opportunities.

June 2019

Family Table Service-Family Prayer

In Our family Table Service, we talk about the importance of family prayer.

Father’s Day

Today we celebrate all our fathers and Pastor Steve preaches a message about being who God wants you to be.

April 2019

Grace-Pardon, Power, and Promise

Chad Roach Preaches a message about the Grace of God that gives us Pardon, Power, and Promise.

The Heartbeat of Jesus (Easter Service)

In Our Easter service, Pastor Steve teaches us about Jesus’ sacrifice that he made for us and us having the heartbeat of Jesus.

March 2019

Guard Your Heart By Following The Heart of God

Pete Miller a guest speaker from Ohio teaches us about being people after God’s own heart.

December 2018

Hold Fast

In this message entitled “Hold Fast” Pastor Steve and Pastor Andrew teach us about holding on to our faith no matter what comes our way.

Peace, Hope, and Joy (Christmas Concert)

Fresh Anointing Singers and band present or 2018 Christmas concert entitled “Peace, Hope & Joy”

Trust Me

Pastor Andrew teaches us that God is calling us to trust Him so that we can walk through our storms.

November 2018

After This

Pastor Steve teaches us that no matter wheat we are going through or where we are in our lives there is always a after this moment.