December 2022

Giving Glory to God

Pastor Steve talks about giving glory to God during this special Christmas morning service!

Living Through Christ

Pastor Steve gives a description on what it means to truly live though Christ.

Making Room

Pastor Steve talks on the importance of making room for Christ.

Knowing Jesus

The Sermon this week comes from a short talk Pastor Sam has with the congregation after our Echo Kids Christmas Play.

November 2022

The Good Shepherd Of The Sheep

A Godly Conscience

Join us as Pastor Steve teaches about a Godly conscience.

A Godly Legacy

Join us as Pastor Steve shares on the importance of legacy.

October 2022

The Orchestration of God

In this message, Rev. Thomas Sloan shares about the orchestration of God as He leads and directs our lives for His purpose.

September 2022

Battle Tested: Encountering Truth and Walking in Power

In this message, Mariah Sloan shares about overcoming the lies of the enemy and walking in the power of knowing who God and what this means for every believer.

July 2022

Family Table Service: Don’t Beat Your Donkey

In this message, Youth/Associate Pastor Chad Roach and Kids Pastor Sam Baker share about the story of Balaam and the donkey that saw the angel of the Lord. Through this message, they challenge children to listen to their mentors, and they challenge adults to be Godly influences and mentors.

The Power of Prayer Part 1

In this Bible Study, Pastor Steve Knight shares about the Power of Prayer.

Gifts From God Part 2

In this message, Jack Waldrop shares Part 2 of Gifts from God.

June 2022

Gifts from God Part 1

In this message, Jack Waldrop shares about the Gifts that God gives the body of Christ.


In this message, Pastor Steve Knight shares the distinction between Discouraging and Encouraging others.

May 2022

Night of Prayer and Praise: Intercessory Prayer

A Collection of Prayers for Renewal, Restoration, and Healing from our recent Night of Prayer and Praise.

Generations: A Message from Mark 5

In this message, Reverend Thomas Sloan shares about the healing of the woman in the crowd and the resurrection of  Jairus’ daughter from Mark chapter 5.

February 2022

Deconstruction or Construction Part 4

Are we being Christ-like to all of our spiritual family? It’s time for kindness to heal disappointment! It’s time for love and compassion to heal hurt! It’s time for forgiveness to heal confusion!

January 2022

Good News with Associate Pastor Chad Roach

In this message, Pastor Chad encourages us with Good News of Jesus Christ.

December 2021

Sunday Service with Special Guest Scott Hager

In this message, Reverend Scott Hager shares about Immanuel – the Light of God who is with us.

Candle Light Service Message

In this message, Pastor encourages us to submit our lives to Christ in the same posture of the wise men from Jesus’s birth story.

Missions Service: John and Joy Sisk

This message is from our recent Missions Service with special guest missionaries John and Joy Sisk.

November 2021

Blind Spot: The Story of Samson

In this message, Pastor Steve Knight shares the story of Samson the Nazarite and warns us about Blind Spots in our faith walk.

Offer Praise & Give Thanks

In this sermon, Pastor Steve Knight encourages us to offer praise and give thanks to God in all circumstances.

Remnant Body of Christ

In this sermon, Thomas Sloan shares about the Remnant Body of Christ who is called and equipped to do God’s work in the world.

Breakthrough to Joy

In this sermon, Pastor Steve Knight shares about the story of Daniel and encourages us to stay in the Lord, overcome this world, and breakthrough to joy.